Porphyrin Systems Hombrecher e. K. is a company engaged in synthesis and investigation of porphyrins and related compounds. The company was founded in January 1999 in L├╝beck, Germany. Research at Porphyrin Systems is focused on the development of new porphyrinic photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of cancer (PDT). Furthermore, the company is interested in any application of porphyrinic compounds in science and technology. Besides this research topic, Porphyrin Systems is developing new cost-efficient synthetic routes to all kinds of porphyrinic compounds. We look forward to support our customers in innovative research regarding porphyrin chemistry.

Although porphyrin chemistry is our main business, we are also engaged as a distributor of other chemicals like indoles, boronic acids and esters, pyridines or piperidines and many more. Furthermore we offer custom synthesis of nearly every organic compound.  Since 2018 Porphyrin Systems is a Distributor of Frontier Scientific Inc.

Porphyrin Systems is able to manufacture large amounts of  various porphyrins for research and industrial application. Apart from simple porphyrins like tetraphenylporphyrin and metal complexes of TPP, we offer now functionalized porphyrins and lipophilic porphyrins. Furthermore, we offer pyrroles and dipyrromethanes, interestong building blocks for porphyrin synthesis.  We are also able to synthesize porphyrins and other organic compounds on request for our customers.